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Thank you so much for your interest in being a guest on the My Ministry Mission podcast! Before you submit this application to be a guest, I ask that you read the following information carefully and fully.

About The Podcast

My desire is to educate Christians (both new in their faith and life-long believers) on topics that are difficult to understand. My goal is to get as many people closer to Christ with every episode in order to fulfill their God given gifts and purpose. I like to approach Christianity from the perspective of breaking down components in the Bible, reading what scholars have discovered, and present the information in a way that can be easily understood.

Podcast Host

In 2020, I made the choice to change my focus in life from things of this world towards God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It took me wandering in my own personal desert for just over 40 years of my life to find my way here. Before that, I sought a life filled with adventure, achievements, recognition, and other accolades that our culture and the world seems to value. Don’t get me wrong, I experienced some moments of happiness from time to time, but I should have been seeking joy. Joy is something we cannot earn, or buy, or gain through our own feats. Joy comes from the Father and is a blessing that is placed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit through the works of Jesus Christ. It strengths us in the darkest and most challenging seasons of our lives, acting as a candle of hope to light the path so that we can find our way home.

I am on a mission to tell my story, learn what I can learn, witness to others, and find my place in ministry. My hope is to inspire and educate Christians through my podcast whether they are new to the faith or have been a Christ follower all their lives. One day I hope to stand behind the pulpit and share the Word, glorifying God and bringing His children to Christ and their eternal salvation.

Podcast Guests

I’m primarily looking for Christians who have a message in their hearts they want to share to other Christians, or even someone who might be Christ curious. I want to have a real conversation, so be ready to be honest about your experience. As your host, my goal is not only to share information and entertain an audience, but also to spread the Gospel and exchange ideas.

If you have not already listened to my podcast, I do ask you to listen to a few episodes before applying to become a guest just to make sure this feels like a good fit for you. Listening will also give you a feel for my speaking style and how I approach content. If you’re still interested in being a guest, fill out the form on this page and submit it to me, and I’ll be in contact!

God bless!

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